California State University chancellor visits Chico State

May 5, 2016 2:44 PM by News Staff

Days after Chico State students held a protest against any new tuition increases, California State University Chancellor Timothy White held a public forum on the local campus.

As the end of the school year draws nearer, Chancellor Timothy White, paid a visit to the campus of chico state just days after narrowly avoiding a strike by faculty.

Chancellor White noted the difficulty of the negotiations but was happy at the prospect of not interrupting classes.

“I'm very pleased that we averted the strike,” he said. “The strike would have been an interruption going into finals, a strike in the university campus ends up fracturing the campus. And so there was a long term interest in keeping these things from bubbling up”

Monday, Chico State saw students protesting the CSU system board of trustees’ new sustainability plan that could see tuition increase to match inflation.

Chancellor White said these fears should be put to rest for the time being as there is no plan to raise tuition in the near future.

“Tuition hasn't changed since 2011 this year and it's not changing next year,” he said.

However, White said the state university system does need to find ways to cope with the reality of a decreasing state budget.

“The unfortunate truth for the University of California, and for the CSU system is that we are in the small part of the budget that's discretionary,” he said. So, we understand we play, and when it gets tough we're going to have to find ways to get revenues someplace else.”

“Part of the chancellor's tour was saying goodbye to President Paul Zingg who is retiring at the end of the school year.

Chancellor White said he is proud of Zingg and the accomplishments he achieved during his time at the helm and his willingness to take stands on issues facing the Chico State community.

“Paul (Zingg) has taken many issues on, perhaps one most importantly, is the issue of abuse of alcohol so together we could get rid of the high risk behaviors and bring it down takes a lot of courage,” White said.

Chancellor White's tour will continue through the end of the year as he plans to visit all 23 California state campuses.


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