California sets record for West Nile Virus activity

Apr 8, 2015 8:45 PM

California set a new record for West Nile activity in 2014 and Glenn County appears at the top of the list. In 2014 there was 801 cases of West Nile in the state, which is must more than 2013 which had 379. California had the second highest number of human cases of West Nile in 2014 since the virus first appeared in the state in 2003. Orange County had the most cases at 263, but the highest incidence occurred in Glenn County, mainly due to its small population.

"Glenn County has a higher rate of a mosquito population and that is primarily because we are an agricultural county in the valley setting." says the Public Information Officer for Glenn County Amy Travis, " Primarily we had 10 cases, but when you base that on a population bases that gave us an incidence of 35 cases."

The proportion of mosquitoes infected with West Nile was the highest level ever detected, and the prevalence of the virus in tested in dead birds was 60% which is also the highest ever.


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