California Housing Market Continues to Increase

Aug 16, 2013 7:20 PM

The latest numbers show California's housing market continuing to recover as home sales slowly increase, and local realtors say the same can be seen in Butte County.
The California housing market is up 17.3% from last month. Houses in Chico are being sold left and right. Local realtor Kim Jergentz says now is the time to buy because people can pay less and get more.
Inventory is also on the rise which is providing buyers with a larger selection. Within the last year, there's been a 12% increase of standard sales over bank owned properties in Chico.
Another positive trend Jergentz says is that it’s promising for the local economy. Housing experts say the median home price in Chico has gone up 8.8% since this time last year. So what this means is houses in Chico are selling quicker, at a higher price, and on a regular basis.


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