California Fish and Wildlife seeking Wildlife Officers

Oct 10, 2014 8:28 PM

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is expanding it's work force and will be hiring men and women interested in a career as a Wildlife Officer.

"We are having new teams brought up, water enforcement teams, marijuana enforcement teams, there are these different avenues that we are trying to tap into." says Wildlife Officer Mike Beals.

His job is to ensure public safety, enforce laws in the wild, investigate illegal sales of wildlife, and protect natural habitats, but that isn't all he does.

"We write speeding tickets, or vehicle code tickets, we enforce the Penal Code we enforce all code." says Beals. "We respond to a lot of calls, mutual aid with local agencies, a lot of poaching, a lot of spills."

Beals says an increase in people retiring and the expansion is causing an increase in openings for qualified applicants. He says a minimum of 60 college units is required for applicants.

For more information on careers visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.


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