California Department of Wildlife conducting deer research in Siskiyou County

Apr 16, 2014 5:29 PM

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife teamed up with local landowners in Siskiyou County and attached satellite collars to some area deer in an effort to determine why local population trends are declining.

According to a CDFW press release, the CDFW attached telemetry collars to 10 adult female black-tailed deer before successfully rereleasing them in western Siskiyou County.

The capture began a five-year investigation into factors responsible for declining population trends in the far north state. Beginning next year, CDFW plans to collar and monitor up to 50 adult females annually for this study.

The does were captured April 2 using helicopter net-gunning techniques, then carried to a base camp where biological samples and measurements were taken. An ultrasound was performed on each deer to determine body condition and reproductive status and satellite telemetry collars were attached so that biologists can monitor the movements of the deer for up to a year.

Key components of the study will help identify population trends, movement, nutritional status, reproductive rates and survival.


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