California Awarded $155 Million in Extra Transportation Funding by Federal Government

Sep 17, 2013 12:20 PM

Caltrans and the California State Transportation Agency announced today the federal government awarded the state with the substantial amount after California met all 2013 transportation project federal deadlines.

“The federal government has rewarded Caltrans – yet again – for using all of its federal funding to launch new construction projects before federal deadlines,” said California Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly. “This year’s funding increase enables Caltrans to build even more projects that create jobs and improve the state’s transportation system.”

According to the press release, some states fail to spend all of their federal transportation funding before federal deadlines, as a result, those funds are reverted to a federal pool to be redistributed to states that have completed requirements and can use additional funding. This year the federal pool totaled $1.6 billion of which California received $155 million, the most in the nation. New York placed a distant second at $81 million.

“We will put these transportation dollars to work supporting jobs and making improvements that will benefit Californians for decades to come,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty.

The press release also indicated Caltrans will receive almost $97 million of this extra funding, with the remaining funds going to local transportation agencies. The funding must be prioritized for projects that meet the federal deadline of September 30, 2013.

California has a proven track record of maximizing its federal funding and successfully launching key infrastructure projects across California. For example, the state has undertaken the following projects:

· The $391 million Caldecott Tunnel Project is building a new tunnel that will eliminate the need to reverse the traffic direction in the existing center bore twice a day.

· The $439 million Devil’s Slide Project features the state’s first new highway tunnels in nearly 50 years.

· The $122 million Interstate 5 North Stockton Improvement Project is adding 16 miles of new carpool lanes and rebuilding four miles of the highway.

· Caltrans is investing $3 billion to reduce congestion and improve safety on Interstate 5 in Los Angeles County.

Last month, Caltrans was nominated as a finalist to compete for the America’s Transportation Award for its work in completing the seismic retrofit of the Dumbarton Bridge.


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