California adopts "Yes Means Yes" sexual assault rule

Sep 30, 2014 12:13 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

Governor Jerry Brown has signed a law that makes the state of California the first to define consent when investigating sexual assault cases in college campuses.

Before, the standard was no means no... now instead of victims having to prove that they said no, California has adopted a very victim centered approach at dealing with sexual assault cases on campus.

"Yes means Yes."

The ground breaking legislation sets a new precedent for dealing with sexual assaults on college campuses.
The first of-its-kind bill requires active consent before engaging in sexual activity.

Silence or a lack of communication isn't considered consent under the law. Under the influence-- Out of the question.

The law requires training for faculty reviewing complaints. In addition, the bill requires access to counseling, health care and other resources.

Chico State is one of the few schools that already had a similar policy in place.

Some argue the law places too much burden on the accused.
Others feel this is just what california needs.


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