Calif. bill restricts government use of drones

Jan 29, 2014 4:40 PM

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A bill moving through the California Legislature would establish what supporters say are some of the nation's strictest standards for the use of drone aircraft by government entities.

AB1327 would require law enforcement agencies to obtain warrants except in certain emergencies. It also would require government agencies to notify the public when they intend to use drones and that data collected by unmanned aircraft be destroyed within six months.

Public agencies also would be prohibited from arming their drones.

The bill, which is authored by Republican Assemblyman Jeff Gorell of Camarillo, passed the state Assembly on a 59-5 vote Wednesday. It now heads to the Senate.

It is opposed by several of California's law enforcement organizations, which desire the same rules that currently apply to manned aircraft.

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