Cal Water to revise rules after new drought restrictions announced

Mar 18, 2015 6:02 PM by Brian Johnson

Cal Water said it will revise their water waste rules in lieu of new emergency drought water restrictions announced by the state yesterday.

New state rules now limit outdoor irrigation to two days a week, and a Chico Cal Water official said the utility company's 24 districts will get in line with the new standards.

Since the first emergency restrictions went into effect last summer, the Chico district has dealt with numerous complaints relating to water-wasting.

But District Manager Pete Bonacich said overall conservation efforts have been great.

"We dropped from 224 gallons per day per person in 2013 to 188 in 2014, so that is an impressive, dramatic drop in water usage."

For those who don't abide by the new rules, Bonacich said Cal Water has a series of notifications for customers, followed by either limiting water flow or cutting it off.

Under the new rules, hotel guests will have the chance to decline fresh towels and sheets, and restaurants can only serve water to those who ask for it.


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