Cal Water to offer rebates for lawn removal starting June 1st

May 11, 2015 8:56 PM

As drought conditions worsen, homeowners are being asked to save water. One of the top tips for saving is by focusing on your landscaping.

A rising trend among California homeowners is drought tolerant landscaping. Homeowners in Chico will have to reduce their usage by thirty-two percent.

Pete Bonacich of Cal Water wants to lead by example; by getting rid of portions of his lawn and switching over to drought tolerant landscaping.

Cal Water officials hope more homeowners follow suit, even providing incentive. Starting June 1st Cal Water will have a rebate program for those getting rid of their lawn. They're still working on the details but say rebates will be based by the square foot.

Water saving doesn't just stop at your landscaping. Cal Water has free conservation kits available on their website. As well as rebates for a number of things like low flow toilets and water efficient appliances.


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