Cal Fire Conducts Live Burn Training for Engineers

May 13, 2016 12:44 PM by Hayley Skene

Butte County firefighters tested their abilities at a live burn Thursday at the Openshaw training facility.
The participants were seasoned firefighters who have stepped up to become engineers for Cal Fire Butte County, which means they train and manage crews themselves.
The newer engineers just completed six weeks at a state academy in Ione, California.
Fire Captain Joe Chavez said that today they brought together all the skills they've been studying and applied them in a real-life situation.
"The performance is good; we always have room for improvement, that's why we're here, to help each other grow as a department. These guys are doing a good job of helping each other out and learning together," said Chavez.
Firefighters spent the day navigating through smoke-filled hallways, locating a mock- victim trapped inside, breaking down doors and ventilating rooftops with a chainsaw.
In these realistic situations they're facing temperatures upwards of 600 degrees farenheit.
Cal Fire Butte County officials said that while Thursday's training was specifically for engineers, they'll have another live burn as well as a live water-rescue scenario in the upcoming months.


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