CAL FIRE/Butte County Fire suspends dooryard burning

Jan 17, 2014 6:27 PM

Unseasonable warm and dry weather over the last several weeks has prompted CAL FIRE/Butte County Fire Department to suspend all residential outdoor open burning effective Monday, January 20, 2014. Burn permits will be required. The burn suspension will remain in effect until conditions improve.

The Interim Butte Unit Chief Greg McFadden said in a statement today,"The State of California is experiencing record dry conditions and extra precautions are being taken to help protect public safety during this time of elevated fire risk". Fire officials are asking everyone to be extra cautious during the heightened fire danger period in order to prevent wildfires.

They are also offering these fire prevention tips:
· Don't mow or trim dry grass on windy days
· Never pull your vehicle over in dry grass
· Never burn landscape debris like leaves or branches on NO Burn Days or when it's windy or in areas where not allowed
· Target shoot only in approved areas, never shoot at metal targets and use lead ammunition to lessen the risk of sparking a wildfire
· Ensure campfires are allowed, and if so, be sure to extinguish them completely
· Make sure all gasoline-powered equipment have spark arresters
· Have a water hose or extinguisher at hand when using gasoline-powered equipment
· Ensure that fireplace ashes are dead out before dumping in trash or near your house or vegetation.
· Report any suspicious activities to prevent arson

If you are caught burning during the suspension you could be cited criminally and billed for the cost of fire suppression.


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