CA Attorney General Seizes hundreds of guns

Mar 12, 2014 9:13 PM

A massive cache of weapons taken off the streets in California this week. Attorney General Kamala Harris today announced the seizure of more than 400 firearms and the arrest of two men who allegedly trafficked illegal firearms. Attorney General Harris said, "The trafficking of firearms is a serious threat to public safety, and they will face serious consequences."

67-year old suspects Alvin Seal of Kern County and 39-year old Erik Stoffel of Apple Valley were arrested and taken into custody yesterday and booked into San Bernardino County Jail on charges of sale of an assault weapon, sale of a large capacity magazine and sale to a prohibited person.

The California Department of Justice served three search warrants yesterday at three locations in Apple Valley and Oildale. Officers seized more than 350 firearms (handguns, rifles and assault weapons), two WWII-era grenades and one mortar round. At the time of the arrests the suspects were also in possession of an additional 50 firearms.

The arrests and seizures are the result of a investigation conducted by the California Attorney General's Office that began in early 2014. According to investigative documents, Seal was an official vendor selling firearms at California gun shows and Stoffel was a co-conspirator during Seal's attempts to complete firearms transactions at gun shows without going through a licensed firearms dealer, as required under state law. These transactions included assault weapons, which are banned in California. Over the course of the investigation, Seal and Stoffel illegally sold multiple firearms, including banned assault weapons, to undercover agents with the California Department of Justice.

The California Highway Patrol and the Kern County Sheriff's Office also assisted in the seizure of the cache of weapons.


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