Butte Supervisors say no to State of Jefferson-for now

Jun 10, 2014 7:56 PM by Brian Johnson

The effort to leave the state of California and create a 51st state finally arrived in Butte County today.

To their disappointment, the Butte County Board of Supervisors did not vote to support their decades-long idea for a 51st state.

The State of Jefferson is rooted in a belief that rural Northern California counties have been repressed by populous and powerful California urban centers for at least half a century, and should be more fairly represented in government.

Supporters say there have been more than 100 attempts to form the State of Jefferson.
But supporters like 17-year-old Gregory Brewer of Paradise don't see that as failure, but instead, the main reason it needs to happen.

Brewer got involved last August, after his dad told him to check things out.
He said many State of Jefferson supporters often draw comparisons to the American Revolution.
"There's only 3% [of] the people in the U.S. that fought for the revolution and look where we are now," Brewer said. "So I say if only 3% do that, look what we can do."

Supervisors Larry Wahl and Bill Connelly were on board with the State of Jefferson.
Maureen Kirk, Doug Teeter, and Steve lambert were not.

The board agreed to take up the issue again in six months and asked the movement's leaders to come up with more information in that time.


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