Butte Sheriff's Bust Honey Oil Hive

Jun 13, 2013 6:54 PM

Today the Butte County Sheriff’s Department raided one of the largest honey oil labs they have ever located, leading to one arrest.

This morning around 9:20 a.m., the Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Unit executed a search warrant on Spur Court in south Oroville. Officers located 34-year-old Kelly Lawrence Trousdale from Aptos, Calif., at the property. Trousdale was detained without incident.

During the raid, officers discovered 277 empty butane cans, 120 unused butane cans, 34 used extraction tubes, five unused extraction tubes, processed marijuana and a “substantial amount of butane honey oil.” Officers also located 92 outdoor growing marijuana plants.

According to the Department’s press release, this is one of the largest butane honey oil labs the Special Enforcement Unit has located with finished honey oil. The amount of honey oil was beyond personal use, and is not covered under California’s Proposition 215 due to its volatile nature. According to the release, Butane has a flash point of -76 degrees Fahrenheit and a boiling point of just 31 degrees Fahrenheit. The Department also indicated butane honey oil has been responsible for several explosions and fires within Butte County and has caused severe burns and even deaths.


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