Butte Rescue Training

Jun 19, 2010 8:37 PM

As the temperatures continue to rise, so do the number of people on the North State waterways. However, the summer fun means potential danger for the Butte County Drowning Accident Rescue Team or DART. The team spent Saturday afternoon practicing some vital skills at the Oroville afterbay. "The increase flow of the water and how fast it is flowing is probably going to increase more scenario-based rescues as well as recoveries, so we're just gearing up for that," Brett Eagan from the Butte County Search and Rescue Team stated.

DART has members from Cal-Fire, the Chico Fire Department and the Butte County Search and Rescue team. Saturday's training included drills for body recovery, weapon recovery, and even locating a car submerged in water. "This is a much larger training, where we've created multiple scenarios and split divers up based on those scenarios, as well as incorporated the canine for Search and Rescue to attempt to locate scents under water.

Divers got to practice with new technology, using mask that allow for wireless communication. "Much clearer communication from top side to the diver as well as multiple divers can get on this system instead of just one. It's a technology we definitely need to move to, it's just a matter of money to buy equipment."

The Search and Rescue team has only a few of the new masks and they're hoping to get more with community donations.


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