Butte Humane Grand Jury Report

Jun 28, 2010 7:41 PM

" It's something that we've known for quite sometime, that the current land that we're on and the facility that we're in does not meet the needs of the community or the animals, the staff or the volunteers at Butte Humane Society" stated Kristen Staggs, President for Butte Humane Society Board of Directors. The recent reports from the Butte County Grand Jury couldn't agree more. In it's opinion, the jury states the shelter is in need of replacement. It calls the current facility inadequate and appalling. It also recommends a new facility be a number one project for the City of Chico.
Crowded kennels and a lack of space for employees is a daily problem here at the shelter. Located on Fair street, the shelter operates out of a city owned building on just over an acre. The Grand Jury feels the City of Chico should acquire new property and build a new facility. Close quarters between dogs and cats and a shortage of space cause countless complications for shelter. " We have a lot of problems keeping our animals from getting sick, we just have a lot of space issues" Staggs said.
The shelter's recent 2nd place win of $50,000 in the 2009 ZooToo contest fell short of paying for one months worth of operation costs. Staggs says it will cost about 5-million dollars to build a new shelter, and a fundraising campaign is already in the works. " We're ready, and I think the community is ready, we are a very pet centric community... Everybody loves their dog and their cat" Staggs explained.


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