Butte Humane Clinic

Jul 20, 2010 5:57 PM

"We'll be able to cut down on the population that is out there that is homeless, un-neutered, un-spayed and then eventually be able to serve the community" said Kristen Staggs, Board President for the Butte Humane Society. And that's thanks to the Butte Humane Society's latest project, a spay and neuter clinic. Shelter volunteers have been working day and night to prepare the newly leased building for operations in hopes that shelter animals will be altered in house by the end of August.
"This has been needed for a longtime, and has been a longtime coming" said Butte Humane Volunteer Barbara Smith. Judy Alberico, another volunteer adds "Just do anything to make their lives better and hopefully get them adopted., that's our main thing, find them homes, they just want to go home". While the shelter's budget is small, all involved are hopefull this move will have a large impact on the entire community, and end up saving money in the longrun.
"We will be able to offset a lot of the cost that we were paying to the clinic in Gridley to help pay for the vet and vet tech" Staggs said. Other funding has been generously donated by Butte Humane board members. The more than four-thousand square foot building located on Country Drive will operate under a newly hired veterinarian. It will house sick cats not yet ready for adoption as well as spay and neuter all shelter animals, and eventually offer low cost spay and neutering to the public. "Just cannot stress enough, spay and neuter your animals, there is a huge over population" Staggs added.


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