Butte golfer Ana Bonilla thrives a long ways from home

May 3, 2016 1:46 AM by Lee Carrell

Ana Bonilla's move from Leon, Mexico to the North State in order to play golf was quite the coincidence.

"Just searching on the internet and we connected to Butte College," Bonilla said. "The staff connected me with the coach and we made a deal."

It was a deal that would work out great for both parties. During her time at Butte, Bonilla was a two time all conference player and state qualifier. She also garnered the love of her teammates and competitors off the course.

"Whenever we go anywhere, all the coaches and all the other players come over and greet her and hug her," Butte Coach Mike Mattingly said. "She is vital to the whole team chemistry and the success that we had this year."

Bonilla's success carried into the classroom, where she's maintained a 3.0 gpa, despite English not being her first language.

"It's been really hard, sometimes when I'm in class I feel like I'm lost," Bonilla said. "But with the amazing help that the Butte College staff has... they really help me and that's the reason I'm doing good in school."

Between the good grades and stellar golf game, Bonilla managed to snag an offer from division 2 school St. Mary's, located in San Antonio. She'll be heading there in the fall to continue her collegiate career for the next two seasons.

"It's a great opportunity for me," Bonilla said. "It's closer to home, it's a great team."

However, even after she's gone, Bonilla will never forget the experience of her two previous years at Butte College.

"I grew up so much as a person. I met really great people that are going to be in my life and my heart forever," Bonilla said. "I have a lot to be thankful for."


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