Butte County Victim Witness program grows as helps more violent crime victims

Apr 9, 2014 6:37 PM

As part of Crime Victims' Rights Week, the Butte County District Attorney's Victim Witness center hosted a recognition of violent crime victims today.

They honored the courage of three separate victims of violent crime: one from last year, one from 20 years ago, and another from 30 years ago.

Thirty years ago is when the Victims of Crime Act was signed into law, and so began the theme of "restoring the balance to the scales of justice."

The Victim Witness Center has grown since it was taken over by the District Attorney's Office two years ago, serving 3600 victims last year.

Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey said the center saw a 28% increase in victim services in its first year (2012), and 39% from that in its second year (2013).

First and foremost, the program responds to the basic and immediate needs of violent crime victims.

Through the State Victim Compensation Fund, the money goes towards expenses like medical, funeral, crime scene clean up, and counseling.

Perhaps even more importantly, victims are guided through the legal system and given a voice.

“Restoring that balance,” Ramsey said. “Making sure that victims have a voice in the system, not just a witness that says OK get on the stand tell us your story. OK fine thank you, you're done.”

For more information on the center, click here.


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