Butte County Supervisors Revisit Pot Ordinance

Oct 22, 2013 7:53 PM

There was a heated and packed room today at the Butte County Board of Supervisors meeting, as they revisited their controversial medical marijuana ordinance. One person was even kicked out.

The board heard recommendations from staff today on Ordinance 4051, or “Restrictions on the Cultivation of Medical Marijuana.”

Although the ordinance has not changed yet, the board was “on board” with the five staff suggestions, all essentially making the ordinance stricter.

“Staff will take another look, do some research, make some recommendations, [and] give us their opinion….” District Two Supervisor Larry Wahl said.

One by one, at least 20 members of the public both for and against the ordinance took to the podium. The ordinance has been in place since February.

“The fact of the matter is---it's undesirable. The smell is horrible, the dust is horrible, the depletion of the aquifer is the main issue I have,” Butte County resident Rocklon Gile said.

“It's a rouse. It’s all to make money, I don't care about what anybody says, everybody that smokes marijuana-they just want to get stoned,” Butte County resident David Masarik said.

“Is this what you want taxpayer’s money to go for, to put people like me in jail for this plant which we're completely legal with?” Tim Korby said.

Rick Tagnoli is president of the Western Plant Science Association and was on the original committee charged with creating the ordinance. He’s alright with taking another look at the ordinance, which

Supervisor Larry Wahl told Action News Now that the board will hear from staff on November 12th.

Wahl, along with many others at the meeting, are proposing adopting an ordinance similar to Tehama County's, which has a max of 12 plants, no matter the size of land.


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