Butte County Sheriffs Office issues phone scam warning

Aug 22, 2014 2:07 PM by News Staff

Butte County Sheriff's Officials say county residents have been receiving calls from a person claiming to be a Sheriff's Office employee.

According to the Sheriff's Office the call comes from a local number and the caller identifies themselves as a Butte County Sheriff's Deputy. The caller says a warrant is about be issued for the victim's arrest if they don't get a prepaid "green dot" credit card.

The scammers claim the warrants are for missed jury duty, an unpaid traffic citation or and IRS issue.

The scammers then tell the victim how much money to put on the card, and give instructions on how to transfer funds to their accounts.

A similar scam has been reported recently in Shasta County and earlier this week Shasta County Sheriff's Officials reported tracing the scam to a Georgia State prison.

Anyone who receives a call they deem suspicious should contact local law enforcement.


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