Butte County Sheriffs celebrate the fallen

May 9, 2016 8:30 PM by News Staff

If you ask, law enforcement officials will say there's really no such thing as a routine call. Today, the butte county sheriff's office today remembered their own fallen who gave their lives in the duty

Gathered on the south lawn by the Butte County Sheriff Offices, the sheriff officials, families and others held a memorial services in conjunction with peace officers memorial day.

One of those in attendance, was Brian Estes, the son of Lt. Larry Estes, who was gunned down in 2001 after he and Deputy Bill Hunter were ambushed at a cabin in Inskip.

It does get a little easier and with the support of the community members here in the county and the sheriff's office it makes it a little bit easier every year,” Brian Estes said.

Peace officers’ Memorial Day will be recognized this Sunday, May 15.


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