Butte County Sheriffâ??s warn public of phone scam

Feb 11, 2014 5:13 PM

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office has initiated an investigation into a phone scam reported by several citizens in the county. The reporting citizens have stated they’ve received phone calls from someone identifying themselves as a member of the sheriff’s office advising them a warrant will be issued for their arrest unless a payment is made within 90 minutes.

The sheriff’s office has also advised the perpetrator of the scam may be using a technique called “caller ID spoofing” which allows a caller to make their phone number appear to be from the sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s office stated in a press release this afternoon they do not call citizens to advise them a warrant is being issued.

The Sheriff’s Office advises to not give out any personal or credit card information if someone stating a warrant is being issued or requesting payment. Citizens who receive such a call are asked to report it to the Butte County Sheriff’s Office’s non-emergency number at (530) 538-7322.


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