Butte County Sheriff's Offices releases more details on deadly O.I.S.

Dec 30, 2014 2:34 PM by Debbie Cobb

Authorities have released more details on the officer involved shooting in the Paradise area that left one man dead. The man shot has been identified as 28-year-old Robert Battaglia. Battaglia's mother had called sheriff's deputies for a welfare check at her home on Good View Road about 4:30pm Monday. She said her son was off his medication and she and her husband needed help getting back into their home. The mother also stated her son was bipolar and schizophrenic and had threatened her in the past.

According to District Attorney Mike Ramsey, there are two homes on the parcel of land. The parents lived in one home and their son lived in the other. Two deputies arrived on scene and went up to the house with Battaglia's mother. They attempted to engage in conversation, asking him to come out and talk to find out the problem. He refused to come out the front door, so the mother led deputies around to a side door, went in and began talking with Battaglia. Battaglia then charged down the hallway with a knife in his hand. According to Ramsey, he attacked officers in a "frenzy of knife strikes". One of the officers, Will Brewton,
suffered a 3 inch laceration on the left side of the throat over his jugular vein. The officer pulled his gun and Battaglia grabbed it, preventing the officer from disharging it. The other officer pulled his gun and shot once, shooting Battaglia in the torso. Officers immediately started C.P.R. but he died at the scene.

Sheriff Kory Honea called it, quote, "A regrettable situation anytime deadly force is required."

According to Ramsey, Battaglia had a long history of mental health commitments. The sheriff's deputies involved have been identified as Hugh Hooks, who has been with the Butte County Sheriff's Office for four years. And Will Brewton, with the department 11 years.

The investigation is in the hands of the Butte County Officer involved Shooting/Critical Incident Protocol Team.


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