Butte County's Measure B doubles Measure A in campaign donations

Oct 24, 2014 5:44 PM by News Staff

Two competing ballot measures regarding rules on growing medical marijuana in Butte County; Measure A and Measure B, have already raised more than $170,000 in campaign donations.

A vote for Measure A would essentially restrict outdoor grows of medical marijuana on county lands with the largest growing area allowed at 150 square feet for land 10 acres or more.

Measure B would allow a certain number of mature and "immature" plants on a range of certain acreage sizes with a maximum of 99 plants on 40 acres or more.

As of the Oct. 18th reporting period, donors have given the Measure A campaign $54,904. The Measure A campaign has spent $44,316 as of the latest reporting period.

Meanwhile, supporters of Measure B have poured in $126,500 into the campaign, which also shows expenditures of $145,263 as of the Oct. 18 reporting period.

For more information on both measures, go to this link on the Butte County Elections website.


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