Butte County Residents Stand Up To Cancer

Apr 18, 2013 8:01 PM

They've been at the forefront of the fight against cancer for decades, and now they're at it again. The American Cancer Society is currently registering applicants for their "Cancer Prevention Study 3," an event Director Cindy Bahl says will save lives. "We're enrolling people between the ages of 30, and 65, and have not had cancer."

The goal of the study is to gather information from people all over the country that could lead to a better understanding of what causes the illness. "What's happening with our diet, with exercise, with our life styles, and in our environment. These are important factors in what we're finding in research that might cause cancer," according to Bahl.

The event brought dozens of participants to the Butte County Department of Public Health in Oroville, in an effort to be part of that solution. "I leave the house every day trying to make the world a better place, and I think being part of CPS-3 contributes to that," according to participant Raul Raygoza. "I think that the information that's gathered in the study is really going to help prevent cancer, and make a cancer free world."

Those we spoke with Thursday, like Teresa Ward, told our crews the registration process wasn't just quick, but easy as well. "It doesn't take very much time. I just had to fill out a survey, and come in here, and do a few things. Give some blood, and have my waist measured."

After that, participants were given a survey to take home, and fill out. To keep tabs on those involved, the American Cancer Society will continue to send them annual survey's for the next 20 years according to Bahl. "We can follow the participant over that period of time, and learn some ways that we may be able to prevent cancer, or causes of cancer."


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