Butte County Health Officials Confirm Whooping Cough at Chico High School

Dec 2, 2013 6:37 PM

The Butte County Health department have confirmed two more students have been diagnosed with Pertussis with a total of nine students being treated so far.

Chico Unified School District also confirmed a new case of at Chico High School, were a student is being treated for whooping cough.

School officials think the high school student is a sibling of one of the kids who were diagnosed at Citrus Elementary, Butte County Health Officer Dr. Lundberg said.

The first case of whooping cough outbreak was first reported at the elementary school in the beginning of November when a students was confirmed to have pertussis.

Chico Unified School District officials and Butte County Health department started to see students who were showing symptoms of whooping cough. A total of six students were reported before Thanksgiving break to have the disease at Citrus Elementary.

Health officials are treating this as an outbreak, Dr. Lundberg said.

The school district have sent letters out to parents warning them of the bacterial disease and are asking primary doctors to conduct test for anyone who are showing symptoms as a precaution.


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