Butte County Fair with a Local Flair

Aug 26, 2011 12:13 AM

What's your favorite thing about the fair? "Riding rides." "I like the zipper." "I'd have to say the corn dogs." "I just like having fun."

No matter what you like, the Butte County Fair in Gridley, has something for everyone. And the fact that it's local makes it extra special..

Butte County Fair Manager Sean Earley says, "Were really the only county fair around. Theres a lot of different fairs, but this one here is actually owned by the county and we love that." For 72 years, the Butte County Fair has been thriving in the local community. And while it has rides, games, and food, like any other fair. Earley says this year it's a little extra. "Really we have a new focus on keeping things around Butte County."

The fair offers everything local, from its FFA goat shows, to the dance performances, grandstand entertainment and local farmers in the 'Taste of Butte County'. Amy Hasle from Honeyrun Winery says, "We definitely have a lot to offer in butte county.. So its just nice to show it off.."

One of the main fair attractions for the second year in a row, is the snowmobile drag races. Which is something unique, exciting, and local. KD Motorsports Promoter Kane Menth says, "We've got a 300 ft. Track.. Were running an excess of 80 miles per hour in 300 ft. It's a good show.. Turning a lot of peoples heads.."

So whether you're 3 or 93, there is something for everyone. The fair will run until Sunday night at 11. For a complete schedule of events, click on news links.


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