Butte County Ebola Readiness

Oct 14, 2014 8:32 PM

Just days after it was announced that a Dallas nurse contracted the Ebola Virus hospitals and doctors around the country are preparing, even here in the North State.

"We do need to be really particularly because hospital workers are at risk and so the hospitals need to be ready to protect their employees." says Dr. Mark Lundberg the Director of Public Health in Butte County.

Lundberg says he has had several national conference calls with healthcare providers discussing preparations for a possible case.

"As we listen to these calls we are learning new strategies, new information, and new things that are being learned from Texas and other places. We want to gleam that to make sure we are most current on management plan in Butte County." says Lundberg.

Lundberg says he is in close contact with area hospitals with the most recent knowledge on battle against the virus. Oroville Hospital is one that has been preparing.

"We have people in place in the emergency room who we feel are ready to deal with this, we have prepared a cart in the emergency room with protection equipment." says Dr. Matthew Fine the Oroville Hospital Director of Public Safety.

Extra precautions, shielding equipment, training and signs are all a part of the process.

"We haven't finished our training for that, but I think we are ready for a patient that were to come in through the emergency room." added Fine.

Fine says training and preparation for Ebola will continue, he says as long as the virus lives every hospital should be prepared for a patient.


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