Butte County Cal Fire breaks new response record for January

Jan 23, 2014 6:23 PM

Butte County Cal Fire generally responds to an average of 25 to 40 fire related calls in the month of January. As of today, the department has responded to 96 fire related calls this January with over a week still remaining in the month.

According to the department’s statement today, the fires have been held in size from 1/10th of an acre to 60 acres. They credited quick reporting from the public enabling quick responses from fire crews for preventing the fires from growing in size. Despite these efforts, the department indicated these fires have the potential to become large and destructive.

“Each day we are hearing new statistics and new predictions about our dry conditions,” said Division Chief David Hawks. “Residents need to be reminded there is a county wide burn ban in place and even old debris piles can rekindle if not completely extinguished.”

The department reminds the public those who decide to burn during the suspension period could be cited criminally for their actions as well as civilly liable for the cost of fire suppression.


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