Butte County Adopts Stricter Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Feb 11, 2014 7:10 PM

Medical marijuana growers in Butte County will face tighter restrictions.

Here’s a refresher of some of the major changes voted on to the county's medical marijuana ordinance:

For parcels half an acre or less, grows are limited to the indoors, and can be no larger than 120 square feet.

Parcels half an acre to five acres is capped at 50 square feet of cultivation.

Five acres to 10 is capped at 100 square feet.

Larger parcels, meaning larger than 10 acres, allow up to 150 square feet of cultivation.

A political action committee, Butte County Citizens Against Irresponsible Government plans to put an initiative on the November ballot favoring the ordinance that was formed by an ad hoc committee last year.

“This was a hard fought ordinance,” Western Plant Science Association President Rick Tagnoli said. “They should have stuck with it. We wrote it. And that's a vote of the people right there.”

“We're going to try and put up the existing ordinance, right now, today, as it is before they voted on it,” Tagnoli said. “And we’re not sure if the other side is going to come up with their own or if the other side is just going to campaign this one. Because if they campaign this one, they're going to lose.”

District Four Supervisor Steve Lambert said this really is a land use issue. But, he said, it's also like an onion in that it has many layers.

“But really it's a land-use issue, and that's where we come in,” Lambert said. “It's being good neighbors. This would have never been an issue if every grower would have been a good neighbor…not had it grown over the fence, not having it up and down the road, have people driving up and down, middle of the night, the dogs, the guns, that's what started this whole thing five years ago, and that's where we're at right now.”

Regardless of what happens on the state level this year, like legalization, the county has domain over land-use matters like marijuana grows.

Citizens Against Irresponsible Government also plans to stop this adoption from going into effect.

They have 30 days to gather around 7,600 signatures for a referendum petition.


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