Butte College Folks Say "Cheese" For Local Boy Aaron Rodgers

Feb 3, 2011 7:40 PM

Craig Rigsbee, Butte College Athletic Director and Rodgers' CC Coach says, "It's very exciting. and not only for my self personally, but for our program and for really the whole North State." Hundreds of Butte College students and staff members rallied together thursday for "Packer Pride Day." Aaron Rodgers is not the first Butte College alum to make it to the Super Bowl.

Craig says, "This is actually Butte College's second kid that played in the super bowl. Larry Allen played in the Super Bowl and they both played against Pittsburg. Larry won so we're hoping that Aaron wins." The Butte College community sported their green and gold spirit with t-shirts, balloons, cheese heads, and banners. Even Noble Orchards donated 900 pounds of green apples for the celebration. All showing up for the same reason.

12-year-old, Reese Micalizio says, "I've been a packers fan for 5 years now." Butte College Student Casey Lansdon says, "It's like we actually got someone who went to this school. in the superbowl. that's awesome!" Butte College Staff Member Debbie Mead says, "I've been watching him since he was in high school. and i'm so proud of him. he's such a nice young man."

The Green Bay supporters packed onto the campus center stairs to take a group photo that will be sent to Rodgers. Other supporters across the North State are displaying their "Packer Pride" in different ways.

There's no doubt that a packer backer lives in this house in Red Bluff...she's Kimberly Mansfield and she's what we call a "super fan." She even sent us pictures from her trips to Lambeau Field...where we're sure she got noticed. And hoping to get noticed by Aaron himself, his faithful fans back at Butte College, who's photo is now in the mail and on its way to Dallas.


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