Butte Co. resident says trash bill double under new agreements

Mar 4, 2015 5:48 PM by Brian Johnson

A Butte County resident that lives on the outer edges of Chico said if he wants his garbage collection services to stay the same, he'll have to pay more than double what he does now.

With the new county franchise agreements, Waste Management will continue to be Eric Adrian's provider, but they will now only pick up his green waste and recycling every other week, not once a week like before.

He said he worked out the math and says if he wants to keep the same amount of services, his quarterly Waste Management bill will jump from around $100 to more than $200.

"My thought is it's going to be counterproductive to those of us who recycle a lot now, where we either have the option of doubling our garbage bill, or just dumping recycling into the garbage, which we don't fill every week," Adrian said.

County officials said they are quantifying just how many people are being affected, and will come up with alternatives if necessary.

They said changes in less service are a product of being able to provide more recycling and green waste service to county residents who didn't have it before.


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