Butte Co. moves forward with colored placard system for restaurants

Apr 22, 2014 6:27 PM

At Mom's Restaurant in downtown Chico some recipes are kept secret.

But soon the level of their food safety could be available for everyone to see.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Butte County Board of Supervisors moved forward with a health permit ordinance that would require restaurants to post color-coded placards for all customers to see.

“I think the general public deserves to know what kind of establishment they’re walking into when they come into a restaurant,” said Ashley Hosmer, Mom’s Restaurant executive chef.

This is how the placard system would work: Green would mean pass. Yellow conditional pass. Red closed due to health risks.

“I think that it will hold people accountable for what they’re expected to do in their businesses,” Hosmer said. “Cleanliness is important from the minute that food comes in the door to the minute it is being served on a plate.”

This cleanliness is not just important to those cooking the food; it’s also important to those eating it. Many customers said they support this idea and hope it catches on.

Ross Lemcke of Chico eats out at least three times a week and says he fully supports this movement.

“I worked in the Bay Area and they had the system down there,” he said. “I actually knew the person who did the inspections and some of those restaurants really needed to be inspected.”

And if restaurants in the North State receive similar inspection, Lemcke says it will give him a better sense of security

“I’d like to go to a restaurant where I didn’t get sick 24 hours later,” he said.


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