Butte Co. Grand Jury: We will not hear Feaster manslaughter case

Feb 16, 2016 4:18 PM by David McVicker


Butte County’s Grand Jury announced Tuesday that they will not hear the case involving the shooting death of Andrew Thomas, 26, by then-Paradise Police Officer Patrick Feaster last November.

Butte County Office of the County Counsel said in a statement that a recently enacted piece of legislation legally prohibited jurists from looking into any crime or shooting committed by a police officer in the service of duties.

Section 918 of the California penal code states “the Grand Jury shall not inquire into an offense that involves a shooting or use of excessive force by a peace officer…that led to the death of a person being detained or arrested by the peace officer.”

The court said that the section prohibiting the investigation into excessive use of force and officer-involved shootings was meant to protect officers, victims and the public. Particularly, when an officer is investigated in secret by the Grand Jury then ultimately not charged.

Court representatives said in the statement that because Grand Jury investigations are done behind closed doors, there is a possibility of mistrust of the results of the investigation. In an effort to increase transparency and public trust, cases involving excessive force and officer-involved shootings would be done in a public setting and Grand Jury involvement would be minimum.

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