Butte Co. Fair's Economic Impact

Aug 25, 2013 6:19 PM

The Butte County Fair brought in big bucks for the local economy.

The fair offered vendors several options to generate sales; and it also generated a lot of jobs.

“The fair itself employees just under 100 people,” said Stephen Kenny, Butte County Fair CEO. “The carnival operators have another 100 people and if you look at the businesses on the ground during the fair, you’re probably looking at 400-500 jobs.”

But the fair’s economic impact reaches further than just the fairgrounds. Kenny said the local restaurants and hotels also see increase business during this time of year.

Casa Lupe is one of the many businesses that profits when the fair is in town. The longtime Gridley Mexican restaurant always sees a spike in sales during this time of year.

“It will probably help us out 15, 20 maybe even 25 percent business the four days it’s here,” said Lauro Del Rio, Casa Lupe manager.


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