Butte Clerk and Recorder's Office performs first wedding since 2008

Feb 15, 2016 7:08 PM by News Staff

With Valentine’s Day 2016 a fond memory, a couple’s marital bliss is just beginning.

And if you're thinking of getting married to your sweetie, but don't want to make it a huge affair? The Butte County Clerk and Recorder's building on Nelson Avenue in Oroville is your kind of place.

It's been 8 long years, but the Butte County Clerk and Recorder's Office is once again performing weddings.

This time, in a much lovelier setting...

Peter Blasingame and Elizabeth Sperber tied the knot after 21 years of being together.

The couple met in 1995 at a Joe Lewis Walker concert in Chico. Clerk and Recorder Candace Grubbs performed the ceremony, in front of the couple's loved ones.

After the ceremony, Sperber said the marriage was a long time coming.

“After 21 years, you feel married,” she said. “No more needing to explain anything when you introduce one another. It means a lot to both of us, that's what it's all about.”

According to Grubbs, the last time staff performed a wedding was in 2008 at the old administration building next to the courthouse.

Now, the district attorney's office is taking over the clerk and recorder's old offices.The new venue on nelson avenue is state of the art and seats up to 20 people.

They even sell sterling silver rings for both men and women for an affordable price.


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