Butte Board of Supervisors Expected to Vote on Pot Ordinance

Feb 26, 2013 2:20 PM

Butte County has a new Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance.
The Board of Supervisors approved the plan at its meeting Tuesday.
It was a packed house as the supervisors took up the contentious issue, but in the end the board voted four to one to in favor of the plan.
The overall vibe from people who commented was one of disapproval.
Some residents argued that it's too restrictive... while others say it isn't limited enough.
One of the most contentious points was inside gardens versus outside grows.
According to the ordinance people with half an acre or less can only grow indoors, while those with larger plots can grow outside if the marijuana is concealed by a fence.
The plan also limits the number of plants based on property sized.
While some marijuana growers say their rights are being infringed on, others say the ordinance doesn't do enough for people who have to live near the gardens.
Sue Hubbard spoke against the ordinance saying, " It does not protect those people who are neighbors to those growing pot. It does not protect our rights as Butte County citizens to enjoy the outdoors, to enjoy our yard, to breathe easily, to be free from crime."
The ordinance is mostly complaint driven, and only people who live within 15 hundred feet of a grow can file a complaint. The new ordinance takes effect in 30 days. ###


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