Butane Honey Oil: The danger next door

Jul 16, 2015 9:41 PM

Honey oil lab explosions are on the rise, here in the North State. While illegal to manufacture in California, it is legal to buy and sell for medical marijuana users.
As manufacturers profit, more and more of them are ending up in the hospital.

Made with discarded marijuana trimmings and products you can find in your local hardware store and kitchen, honey oil is a highly concentrated form of cannibus.Its THC levels can reach 85% compared with marijuana's normal concentration of 25%.

Undercover detectives with the Butte County Sheriff's Special Enforcement Unit show us it doesn't take much to prompt a catastrophic explosion.
In vapor form, the expansion rate for butane is 288 times the volume it is in liquid form. Those odorless vapors can be ignited by something as simple as static electricity.

31 labs were shut down in Butte County in 2014, ranking the county 3rd in honey oil labs seized statewide.
Already at 30 for this year... SEU and BINTF units are on course to double that number.

Authorities are stressing the importance of public help. If you see anything suspicious, especially butane canisters, be sure to contact your closest law enforcement agency.
In Chico, the fire department has a new anonymous tip line. That number is 530-897-3407.


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