Business magazine ranks Oroville among 'American Cities of the Future'

Apr 28, 2015 11:53 AM by News Staff

A business magazine in a recent publication cited Oroville as a place to watch, listing it among 'American cities of the future.'

fDi Magazine, listed Oroville as one of eight "Top Micro American Cities of the Future 2015/2016" for its foreign direct investment. The ranking is based upon a variety of metrics including investment assistance programs, economic incentives, strategic initiatives for engaging with investors and promotional activities. Factors such as the average cost to rent office space, water rates and power rates were also considered.

The magazine also published the top 10 cities of the future, which included New York City, San Francisco and Houston. Raleigh, North Carolina, ranked at the top for mid-sized cities overall and mid-sized cities for economic potential

"It's exciting to see information about Oroville reaching a global audience," notes Oroville Economic Alliance Founding Director Michael Glaze. "Those of us who call Oroville home feel like our area is California's best-kept secret. We are pleased to know that our efforts to attract new business with the cheapest water in the nation and other incentives are receiving."


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