Bus threat shuts down Highway 149

Mar 9, 2016 1:42 AM by Darren Leeds

A passenger on a B-Line bus was overheard saying something about a bomb - and that was enough stop the bus in its tracks and shut down Highway 149 between Oroville and Chico.

One of the passengers on the bus said he's never seen or heard of anything like this happening and he's just glad that he gets to go home.

Passengers on a B-Line bus sat in the middle of Highway 149 this evening after authorities say a passenger made some sort of reference to a bomb. It's not clear exactly what was said, but it was enough for the bus driver to trigger a silent alarm and await the arrival of law enforcement.

Heath says, "This was a rather scary experience. I don't know if a lot of people didn't notice what was going on or people just didn't think much of it. I kind of got a little bit of a bad feeling whenever they walked on."

Kael Heath was a passenger on the bus. He says he never heard the word bomb mentioned, but he says the gentleman who got on the bus did make some threatening statements.

Heath says, "I was near the back of the bus so it was difficult for me to hear. I did know that one of them made mention of a knife, a two and a half inch knife that was in his pants pocket."

Law enforcement isn't releasing a lot of details because it's still under investigation. CHP isn't able to say if the bomb squad actually found anything on the bus or not. All of the passengers were removed from the bus and taken to a secure location. We do know that two of the passengers were taken into custody.

Stokes says, "We have multiple investigators that are interviewing all the passengers and also interviewing the suspects. There were two that were taken into custody. One we believe doesn't have anything to do with it. Maybe just like wrong place, wrong time."

Highway patrol told us there were about 20 people on the bus when it stopped. As of 8pm Tuesday, all of the passengers were sent home. Highway 149 between Chico and Oroville has been re-opened.


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