Burrowing Owl Finds a New Home in Turtle Bay

Nov 27, 2013 3:14 PM

Home to more than 100 animals, the Turtle Bay Exploration Park welcomed its newest species, a first year Burrowing Owl on Monday.

“After losing our beloved Stilts in 2009, we are very excited to have a Burrowing Owl back in our education programs,” said Sharon Clay, Curator of Animal Programs for the park. “With such charisma, we know he too will be a guest favorite.”

Turtle Bay’s newest addition comes to Redding from the Lindsay Wildlife Center in Walnut Creek, Calif. The owl was first found in Livermore, Calif., hanging in a barbed wire fence which tore its patagial tendon critical for flying. With the severed tendon, the owl will never fly well enough again to survive in the wild, according to the park’s press release. After several months of rehabilitation, the owl has come to Turtle Bay where it will play an integral part in the Park’s wildlife education.

The owl is currently on view in Turtle Bay’s Paul Bunyan Forest Camp.


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