Burney house party case now with Shasta Co. District Attorney

Nov 18, 2015 3:53 PM by News Staff

An investigation into a house party in Burney that sent one teenager to the hospital with alcohol poisoning and forced Burney High School officials to cancel the remaining two games for its varsity football team is now in the hands of the Shasta County District Attorney.

It all began when word got out about a house party on Oct. 24 with as many of 25 teenagers, most of them from Burney High School and many of those players on the high school football team. At that party, investigators with Child Protective Services say one minor had to be rushed to Mayers Memorial Hospital for immediate treatment with a blood alcohol level of .251 percent.

After CPS finished its investigation, the case was handed to the Shasta County Sheriff's office. This is was what Sheriff investigators have found so far:

-The house party had been planned with the knowledge of the homeowners, Perry and April Thompson.

-Food and non-alcoholic drinks were provided by the homeowners at the party.

-Nineteen-year-old Robert Wall arranged to buy alcohol for the party from 22-year-old Brittany Webster

-The alcohol purchased by Webster was indeed brought to the Thompson house and consumed by minors at the party.

-Investigators say they have received conflicting statements on whether the Thompsons new alcohol was being consumed on their property.

At this point, investigator say no arrests have been made in this case. The District Attorney is now reviewing the case to see if possible criminal charges are warranted. Those potential charges range from "contributing to the delinquency of a minor; purchasing/furnishing alcohol to minors and minors soliciting, possessing and purchasing alcohol.

Consequently, school officials took action soon after the investigation began by cancelling the rest of the varsity team's football schedule, which included a homecoming game with rival Fall River High School in McArthur.


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