Burglar Trips Alarm, Falls on Face

Mar 27, 2013 7:20 PM

A would-be burglar and his baggy pants make for a tough get away, and the crime was caught on camera at Kent’s Meats in Redding. The video is laughable, but the crime is real. Police are hoping that by releasing the footage, it leads to an arrest.

The owner of Kent’s Meats and Groceries says windows are proving to be an effective tool in deterring burglars.

“We buy this protective glass, it will not break out or fall out, it shatters and it can have a hole,” said Kent Pfrimmer.

Security glass recently foiled a burglary attempt at the Airport Road store.

“He looks back and takes aim, and then he throws the rock of course the rock hits the glass and bounces off,” said Pfrimmer explaining the recent incident.

He knows exactly how the incident played out thanks to the humorous surveillance video.

“People started talking about it, you know how comical it was, so I got curious and I went back and Larry showed it to me,” Pfrimmer explained.

“um, a very large man uh, lurking I guess you would call it. He walked back and forth. After he got his face on camera is when he puts his hood on. He then comes back with the rock and throws it at the window, tries to run off, trips over the curb, gets up, falls down again and that was, at that point it turned into something that was really bad to almost hilarious,” said Larry Goldin, a store employee.

The crooks outfit is laughable enough, but seeing karma in action is what really makes the video a hit.

“It was funny, it was funny. It was almost worth the amount of money that you have to pay for the door just for the humor in it,” said Goldin.

“I thought that if this is our average criminal, we don’t really have too much to worry about at this point,” said Pfrimmer.

As funny as it is, this is a serious crime and police are looking for the suspect.

Sadly, this is the second such incident that has happened at Kent’s this year. The first person lost an axe when they chucked it through the front window, then ran off.


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