"Bully" Movie Hits Paradise

May 7, 2012 7:56 PM

Bullying is a problem millions of children deal with daily. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, nearly half of all children are bullied at some point during their school years, and the problem keeps growing. That's why movies like Bully are so important. " It brings awareness to an issue that has been around for a while, but what we see now are completely different levels of bullying and harassment", said Jeremy Wilson from Butte County Behavioral Health.
The documentary styled film began showing in select theaters March 30th, and it's been getting rave reviews from viewers ever since. One of those select theaters is the Paradise Cinema 7 Theater. Owner Scott Lotter says showing the movie was a personal choice. He feels that the compelling message to stop bullying needs to be spread. " It's a powerful picture. We've had teachers, retired teachers, people say we need to get this out there and let people know that it's here and they need to see it", said Lotter.
Lotter says he's not expecting the movie to be a box office blow out, but he's hopeful the film will be appreciated, and seen by young adults who can help stop bullying in it's tracks. " Making money on it wasn't really the issue, it's a picture that needs to be seen", said Lotter.
Bully follows the lives of five families, who's children are all victims of bullying. Critics say the empathic and somewhat provocative film can be hard to watch at times, as the kids are relentlessly tormented and teased. But many feel taking a hard look at what bullying can do, is the only way to stop the cycle. " Everybody who has a young person in their life should see it, and what it will do is it will start discussion", explained Wilson.


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