Bull Shot After Goring Man

May 22, 2010 8:50 PM

A Palermo man is recovering from a leg injury after a bull got loose and gored him in the leg. According to cal Fire, it happened Friday morning just before 10:30 on Four Junes Way, south of Palermo. The bull some how got out. "They said the bull was kind of acting strange in the morning, then they went to feed it, but they didn't think anything of it," neighbor Miguel Arroyo stated.

The victim was trying to herd the bull back onto the neighbor's property when it became aggressive toward him. He immediately called 9-1-1. "The crew had to jump across the fence to get the patient out of the way of the bull," Cal Fire Captain Scott McLean explained.

He was flown to Enloe Medical Center. After that, safety officials tried to herd the bull into another pasture but were not successful. The bull was shot after becoming aggressive with everyone in sight. "The bull did break out of the pasture and became even more aggressive and started making movements toward public safety personnel and due to the safety of the safety personnel and the civilians in the area, the Sheriff's Department opted to dispatch the bull," McLean said.

The victim's name and condition is not known at this time. The owner of the bull is also not known.


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