Budget's Drain Red Bluff Pool

Jul 6, 2010 8:10 PM

"Until you have somebody who drowns in the river because it's right here right beside us, you're never going to know what it's like to be without a pool" said Blues for the Pool member Daniele Jackson. Red Bluff city employee Daniele Jackson is outraged that the city pool, where she has worked for 16 years is on the chopping block to be closed down yet again, due to a lack of funds and an increasing budget deficit.
"We do so many powerful things here. Swim lessons run form the ages of six months old all the way to an adult" Jackson explained. Red Bluff released it's newest budget numbers June 26th. Parks and recreational director Debbie Carlisi says despite all the pool does for the community, it generates little income and drains the city's budget, therefore they are unable to fund it next year.
"We need the community's support to bring the pool back to where it needs to be because the city is not doing it" Jackson said. Red Bluff isn't the only one who's budget has threatened to pull the plug on it's pool. Corning also deals with a leaking budget that continues to threaten their local cooling off spot. In addition the city of Willows worked with it's community to keep their pool afloat.
Some say with the river so close by, the pool is unnecessary while others argue that the river's deep waters and swift currents are no place for children. "The river is the worst case scenario, the tides that can pull the kids under, even the most experienced swimmer is not going to be safe from that" Jackson stated.
Daniele continues to work with her club Blues for the Pool, raising money in an attempt to keep it open, hoping children aren't let down in the end. "It would make me sad, because it's closed and we can't go swimming anymore" said Sierra James, an avid swimmer at the pool.


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