Brothers From Chico Each Win Halftime Competition, $10,000

Dec 30, 2014 7:22 PM by Lee Carrell

Brothers Charlie and Patrick Carney have been playing sports together just about their entire lives.

Charlie says, "We always play sports out front, football, basketball, baseball, soccer."

So when Patrick, who punted for New Mexico Highlands University this fall, found out about a pass, punt and kick competition taking place at halftime of the team's home games, he immediately thought of his brother.

Patrick says, "I expected him to be able to do it and then once he got called I was like alright sweet, he's gonna win.

Charlie says, "At the beginning of the season too when he found out about the competition, he called us up that day and I think he talked to my mom and he was like you gotta get Charlie out here to do this competition."

In order to compete you had to spend money at JC's Pizza, located there in Las Vegas, New Mexico, to acquire tickets. You could then put those tickets into a drawing to be chosen for the competition. Not many people had been entering, but one weekend when he was in town to watch his brother, Charlie did and he was selected.

Charlie says, "I went over and stretched for probably five minutes or something and kinda just tried to warm my arm up. You don't get any practice throws, or you can't even really touch a football before you go out there."

For the competition Charlie had to go the length of the field on one pass, one punt and then a kick. He started from the back of the endzone where he chucked his throw to the 38 yard line. He then boomed a punt from that spot all the way to the 20 yard line on the opposite side of the 50. It set up a field goal attempt from that spot, with his own brother holding, for $10,000 which Charlie calmly booted through.

Charlie says, "I was pretty excited, but it doesn't look like it as much. He was out there, he held the kick for me and he's jumping up and down."

And as awesome as that is, this story gets even better. Not even two months later, with football season over and his semester winding down, Patrick decided to head to a basketball game on campus, where they happened to be holding a similar competition.

Patrick says, "We were just like whatever, let's go catch a game and I stumbled upon two tickets that we actually forgot to give him and I was like whatever, let's put 'em in and see if I get drawn."

Turns out Patrick was the only one to enter tickets, so yes his name was drawn. The challenge? Make a layup, a freethrow, a 3-pointer and a half court shot all within 25 seconds. Wouldn't you know it, Patrick did it, winning $10,000 for himself.

Patrick says, "I was excited. I was running all over the court, I actually had a bunch of teammates run out of the stands and we were all just celebrating."

Now both of the brothers are just back home in Chico. Charlie expects to start a job in the bay area soon, while Patrick is hoping to make an NFL roster next fall. He led the entire nation in punting in division 2 this past season. But regardless of where their futures take them, both will always be able to look back on this with fond memories.

Patrick says, "The fact that you won and then on top of that your brother won is unbelievable, the odds on that are probably extremely low."

But as proved by Patrick and Charlie, they're certainly not impossible.


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