Broken Glass: A Big Mess in Chico

Oct 7, 2013 6:12 PM

Broken glass in the streets of Chico.

It’s a problem that’s been ongoing for years. Now, locals are speaking out in an attempt to help clean up this mess.

For local landscaper Dylan Blackwell, it’s the same problem every Monday morning: broken glass leftover from the weekend’s college parties.

“I would say we do 35 houses in and around here,” Blackwell said, referencing a south campus neighborhood. “I would say any given week more than half had broken glass.”

And all that broken glass makes for a very costly and dangerous problems.

“When you’re mowing, glass can come up and hit the sidewall of your tire,” Blackwell said. “You take a perfectly good $80 tire and it’s just done.”

Some college students also agree that there’s a problem with broken glass around Chico State.

“Some chick came by and was pretty drunk and went to throw a bottle,“ said Chico State senior Eric Miller, “and she hit it square in the windshield of my roommate’s car. And that was a $900 bill.”

Now Miller says he picks up stray glass bottles before they become bigger problems.

”Eventually they will get thrown,” he said. “So, I usually try to beat them and pick them up.”

Chico Police said throwing glass bottles is considered a misdemeanor and could result in a citation and fine.


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